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Cost Control

Budget and expenditure control

Industrial project cost management

ASYMPTOTE Pm offers cost control solutions through the application of methodologies developed according to your own organisation.

These methodologies will most often be oriented towards achieving the following results:

  • Cost control through a detailed analysis of the expenses incurred in relation to your project budget and its breakdown, the negotiation of additional work, or possible amendments to the basic contracts... This budgetary control will be carried out with the help of computer tools or your dedicated ERP by entering commitments and comparing these commitments with the forecast expenses.
  • Estimation of costs to completion and expression of trends: development of productivity graphs such as BCWS (Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled curve), ACWP (Actual Cost of Work Performed curve), BCWP (Budgeted Cost of Work Performed curve).
  • Analysis of gaps and trends, accompanied by recommendations and corrective actions.
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