A word from the General Manager

Didier VIAL

asymptote didier vialWithout deviating from its original business lines and its preferred fields, ASYMPTOTE Pm has been offering, for 35 years, a complete range of project management services with the main objective of improving the quality of its interventions and customer satisfaction.

This continuity is primarily the result of its employees’ stability and constant progress, linked to the variety of missions and continuous technical training. This notion of team has also always been, in my opinion, of prime importance and allows ASYMPTOTE Pm to be a leader in its business today.

As excellence is inevitably a priority, lasting success is therefore also and above all based on the human dimension.

A team progresses if the individuals that make it up are in the right place, if relationships are based on truthfulness and therefore on mutual respect, and if everyone knows how to integrate a certain amount of compromise and questioning into their positions.

It is by inviting you, dear customer partners, to share these fundamental concepts that ASYMPTOTE Pm offers to solve your technical and industrial challenges.

It is my firm conviction that by persevering in cultivating these values, ASYMPTOTE Pm will continue, with you, to strive for perfection.

Didier VIAL

“The greatness of any profession is perhaps, above all, its ability to unite people” Saint-Exupéry

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