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Risk management during industrial projects

Any project, whatever its complexity and size, is subject to internal and external hazards that can sometimes seriously threaten the defined objectives.

In order to minimise, prevent, and avoid the harmful effects of these hazards, Parlym Project Management offers to carry out a risk analysis, as a neutral party in close cooperation with you, based on four successive components.

  • Realisation of a brainstorming session to identify by category the detailed list of potential risks, and to research and classify the causes of each risk.
  • Based on these reflections, and on the experience of stakeholders, analysis of failure modes, their effects and their criticality, thus making it possible to assess the probability of occurrence of each risk, as well as its severity (FMECA Approach).
  • Definition of risk acceptability thresholds.
  • And finally, preparation of the data sheet for each risk, including risk monitoring, corrective actions to be taken, and the timetable for their implementation.
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